My name is Veena Kodali and my clients call me “Veena”. I did my Masters degree in Fashion and Merchandising (1999) and worked as an Instructor for few years. I did my Bachelor’s in Home Science. I did my Certification in distance education of Nutrition and health sciences. I was fascinated towards cosmetics and make up when I was discovered by my Aunt how focused and challenging I was during my application of make up or makeover for brides during weddings .I started doing this even before my college and everyone used to like my freelance job . I was also trained in Rekhi healing Art . I was never thinking of making my career into the Cosmetic World before I moved to USA.

I changed my career and ventured into the world of Permanent and Para-medical Cosmetics when I first moved to Texas in 2003 and started doing threading and Facials . I found this new career as my calling and it is my inborn talent/art that does not ever make me tired or feel monotonous about my work. Every client is unique; therefore, the artwork that brings out the best in them has to be unique too. So, I thrive to keep it creative with every procedure.

Applying Eyelash Extensions with perfection is an intricate art that can be mastered with 3 P’s (Passion, Patience and Practice). The Training for application of eyelash extensions by a master is what it takes to have a good start in the direction towards this amazing career which I started in 2007 as Veena Brows at Buckhead , Atlanta and was encouraged and inspired by my good friend Kim Evans.

My work is my passion. I have done about 1000 plus applications each year and along my practice path, I came across many challenging situations in terms of- textures of lash hair amongst various ethnicities, damaged lashes, pulled out lashes and many other such situations where clients needed help with. I have successfully fixed almost all kind of difficult lashes and making them look Natural .With my extensive experience in Lash Extension Application I Mastered at permanent make up doing EyeLiner, EyeBrows, LipLiner, Lipcolor .